TCS IT Wiz 2013 Pune Prelims

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1.Which celebrity became the first Indian to cross 1 million follower mark on Twitter ?
Ans:A R Rahman
2.Which site makes users copy another persons photos and put them on instagram as their own?
Ans:Insta Slash
3.nexGTv is a mobile application,which  provides access to live TV channels and video on demand on handsets. This app allowed people to watch videos of one of the largest events in human history this year. Which event ?
Ans:Maha Kumbh Mela
4.Identify this CEO of a famous mobile company
Ans:Stephen Elop(Nokia)
5.Which famous company did  Sanjay Mehrotra form, headquartered at  Milpitas, california, this company produces what are today known as pendrives?
6.We all say Giga bye. Now this is 10 to power how much ?
7.In the world of books what is the full form of ISBN ?
Ans:International Standard Book Number
8.Identify this logo such that before the .ly a meaningful word is formed?
9.Identify this logo

10.Sometimes advertisements on the net have virus in them,that is you might think it is a genuine ad but in real it is a virus. identify this term.
Ans:Mal Advertising
11.TCS has been in the news due to its acquisition of a French Technology services company for over 75 million euro.Name the company?
12.In which famous indian directors memory did Google have this doodle.
Ans:Satyajit Ray
13.What is Samsung's answer to Siri ?
Ans: S Voice
14.In the domain extension .com what does com actually stands for ?
15.What is the full-form of the famous company AMD ?
Ans:Advanced Micro Devices
16.Today we have a better system of security on social networking sites other than usernames and passwords. Identify it.
 Ans:Dual Authentication
17.What is this device called: it was used to watch movies nearly 15-20 years back,it was big than todays CD roms?
18.What is Mozilla's online paying application called?
19.Mozilla and which famous Korean telecom giant is collaborating to produce Mozilla's next generation web browser SERVO?
20.Identify him . He is not very famous.But founder of a famous website
Ans:Eduardo Saverin (Facebook)

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TCS IT Wiz 2012 Hyderabad Prelims

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1.Who coined the term "Artificial Intelligence"
Ans:John McCarthy
2.�To understand the concept, you should think of �free� as in �free speech,� not as in �free beer� . This concept was by which organisation?
Ans:Free Software Foundation
3.The recent Indian ecommerce website- is by which online giant?
Ans:Adobe Flash
5.Which common word comes from the sound that a bullet makes while striking a metal. It means �A short, high-pitched electronic pulse�?
Clue: Used in submarines
6.Which technology by Microsoft enables us to open a multimedia file without any delay?
Ans:Active X
7.Expand BCC in emails
Ans:Blind Carbon Copy
8.Identify this Indian
Ans:Ankit Fadia
9.Soft and Rocket are sizes for what in the internet world? It is widely used in internet publishing
10.Which game character was originally called Jumpman? He is a carpenter by profession and is very popular.
Ans:Zomato12.What is ISRO�s equivalent of Google Earth called?
13.Which famous company�s logo is called Larry the bird?
14.Identify this gadget.Need a specific answer
Ans:Nintendo Wii U
15.Who is the first Indian woman to head a missile project in India?
Ans:Tessy Thomas
16.Which company is the official IT partner of the London Olympics 2012?
Ans:Atos Origin
17.This was the original blueprint of which website
18.Which version of Windows phone OS runs on the Lumia series of smartphones by Nokia?
19.Nathaniel Baldwin created what in his kitchen and then sold his creation to the United States Navy?
20.Identify the person in the extreme right
 Ans:Sean Parker

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TCS IT WIZ Nationals Questions

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Some questions from TCS IT WIZ 2011 Nationals


Ans:Amazon silk(a web browser for Kindle Fire)

 Ans:Sabeer Bhatia(He is a member of Trinamool Congress,he co-founded SabseBolo,Jaxtr was acquired by Sabsebolo)

3.Find out the missing words ?

Announcing a new era of ____ _______
 Ans:Integrated Electronics

4. Who along with Dennis Crowley........[Buzzer]
ans:Naveen Selvadurai (founded Foursquare)
5. California's Governer Jery Brown on the 16th of October declared.......[Buzzer]
ans:Steve Jobs day
6.It was originally created on the influence by the rotation of the Alonzo Church lamda calculus...[Buzzer]
7.4K is an emergence standard for resolution in Digital film and computing graphics.....[Buzzer]
 8.What did Steve Jobs Publically do to promote touch screen in iPhone?
Ans:He started wearing Turtile Neck T Shirts
9. which concept was used in IBM 701 computer having load button by which simple instruction or programme gets complicatd system instructions or programs?

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TCS IT WIZ 2011 Mumbai Questions

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Here are the TCS IT WIZ 2011 Mumbai prelim questions.

1.) If you +1 on Google+.Then what is it on Facebook?
Ans: Like

2.) An Acquarium inside a Macintosh is called what?
Ans: Macquarium

3.) Apple is on the NASDAQ as 'AAPL'.What is it known on NYSE?
Ans:It remains AAPL

4.) Name the company which is Tata's electronic store range?
Ans: Croma

5.) Sun Microsystems has been acquired by which famous company?
Ans: Oracle

6.) Google's service that incoporates social networking,news & chat?
Ans: Google Wave

7.) Two guys at  Percept software started what that revolutionized the world of television?

8.) Microsoft's  service that was earlier classified only for US military use & was known as 'Munitions'. Its known by a different name today.

9.) Intelliweb Mouse is by which company?
Ans: Microsoft

10.) What was originally to be named '80856' but couldn't trademark it.What was it later named?
Ans: Pentium

11.) Which is the famous device does Foxconn manufacture for Amazon?
Ans: Kindle

12.) Expand JAR with filename extension
Ans: Jave ARchive

13.) High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a a form of digital copy protection from this compnay which is famous for making chips. Identify the company?
Ans: Intel

14.) Chase Bishop  is less known for his innovation for Microsoft. It is one of the prime offerings of Microsoft. Identify the product he designed?
Ans: Windows

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TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi Questions - Final rounds

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Here are the questions from TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi edition finals rounds.

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1.)  X is a piece of hardware that plugs into an electrical connector on a loptop,computer.What is it ?
Ans: Dongle

2.) X is a system-on-chips series introduced by Nvidia for use on laptops,Smartphones. What is X ?
Ans: Tegra

3.) What is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network ?
Ans: Ping

4.) GNU Network Object Model Enviornment ?

5.)  X is a simple communications tool used for short messages.This was onc used by doctors in new york to communicate with patients.Identify X?
Ans: Pager

6.) X was one used in world war II to break German crypted codes.This was designed by tommy flowers.What is X?
Ans: Colossus

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1.)  Its a science fiction weapon .It touch two most substance without resistance .It (some are missing) can be deflected by another x called (some are missing). An active one keeps you a (some are missing) hung .It raises in picture (some are missing) move rapidly through air .Bringing into contact with an object called another previewses a cracker.What am i describing here?
Ans: Lightsaber

2.) This preson co-founded the first web based application viaweb ,which was acquired by Yahoo! And known as Yahoo stores.He is also the author of on lisp,Hackers & authors and many more.Who is the guy?
Ans: Paul Graham

3.) Stack War is a term used to define the conflict of which two IT companies? Ans: Oracle and SAP

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TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi Finals Videos

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Here are the video of TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi edition.

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TCS IT WIZ 2011 DELHI Questions

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Here are some question of TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi edition.

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 1. This was created by Hasbro in 1967,which allows the user to create glowing designs?
Ans: Lite-Brite
2. This P2P file sharing service ran into trouble after it circulated the song 'I Disappear' by Metallica,even before it was officially released .Which is that P2P file sharing service?
Ans: Napster
3. At 15,he published a book on ethickal hacking and started a website called 'Hacking Truths'.Identify him?
Ans: Ankit Fadia
4. These awards are called the Nobel Prizes of Information Technology?
Ans: Turing Award
5. Expand WPAN?
Ans: Wireless Personal Area Network
6. What is a propriety software called that has a trial version?
Ans: Shareware
7.The first commercially available digital camera was in the 1990s.Identify this? (options:1)Digicam 2)Dycam 3)Maxcam)
Ans: Dycam
8. Which sound technology was used for the first time in 'Batman Returns'? You now usually see it on film posters a lot.
Ans: Dolby
9. What is the compact wireless router called that connects to 5 devices at a time within the range of 10m?
Ans: MiFi
10. Which device from Amazon made TOI publish a headline (something like) �E-book market has been transformed�?
Ans: Kindle
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